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What is your big “why”?

Why is it that you are with your beloved? What is it that makes you
two a must?
For Vj and I, we fell in love and that was the first big “why”. Then
when things blew apart into a million tiny pieces and we were putting
them back together, we realized that we needed something even bigger
than our relationship as glue in those times when it just wasn’t
convenient to be together.

Don’t get me wrong, we are crazy about each other. And we are human,
which means that our tiny minds and egos used to trick us into thinking that we
got the short end of the stick in the relationship. Often.

It was not pretty. And the good news is that we found something that
has made those super frustrating times really rare.

It is kind of the last thing that I expected. In fact, when Vj
suggested it, I thought, “Why would be want to do that?” but I
trusted him and knew that in order to keep us happy and together, we
needed to expand beyond our old default behaviors.

We sat down and wrote our relationship mission. Kind of dull, maybe,
but now that we have it, it is a star to which we set the sails of
our relation-ship 😉

There is a simple formula that we created.

How we operate inside the relationship which includes what type of
environment we create for each other.
How we impact the community
How we serve greater humanity=

Greatest love possible!

Can you see how this can bring you out of pettiness and
misunderstanding? When we focus on our impact, to one another, to
the community and to the universe, it shows how tiny and
insignificant our complaints actually are.
Ok, ready to hear our relationship mission? Here it is:

To create a loving, supportive and healing environment where we have
fun and grow individually and together as a couple.

To be a divine example of a loving relationship through daily
demonstration of our commitment to unity and harmony.

To be mindful of the divine presence and help uplift fellow beings.

As you can see, it is important for us to be a great example of love
and unity. We spent years in disharmony before we discovered and
created the tools that completely transformed our communication and
our world. We will be sharing them to a select few couples at our
upcoming Lasting Love Retreat in March. It is for the kind of
lovebirds that simply won’t settle for “good enough” in their
relationship. If you want to feel even more connected and harmonious
with your beloved, join us. Learn more => here