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I have found that anytime I am upset with my husband (or anyone else for that matter), I assume the position of TAKER instead of GIVER.

Here’s what this looks like: if I am upset with Vj, it is because I feel like I am not getting my way or what my ego thinks I “deserve.”

It doesn’t matter how out of bounds someone is acting! If I can be in my integrity, knowing that I am complete and whole regardless of the outcome, I can approach any situation from a higher and neutral plane.

When I am upset, it is an indicator that something is out of alignment.

When I get really upset, it means that I am CONTINUING to not get what I want and that just fuels the fire. When I can come from a place of service – an attitude of: “What can I bring to this situation?” or “What lesson is here for us?”, my upset magically goes away.

Two great ways to keep centered no-matter-what:

1. Give your mate the DIGNITY OF THEIR EXPERIENCE. Allow them to make a mess if necessary. You don’t know the big picture and the lessons that they need to learn.

2. Know that you may be on the “business end” of someone else’s mistake. That means that you may be a bit of collateral damage as they are ungraceful. Give yourself permission to remove yourself from harm’s way.

Your Turn:

Can you allow someone the dignity of their experience and let them be messy? In every area of your life including: traffic, children, boss, soul mate? Can you do it without getting involved or hurt?