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A few days before the US presidential elections, I had a dream featuring Donald Trump.
He was driving me around in a modest car (like a Camry) and talking to me. He was subdued and grounded. I noticed he spoke from a place that I call surrender, which is calm in tone and appearance but also palpably serene.
He very casually explained to me that his role was to serve the universe, that he was there to rally people together and while the mechanism he employed appeared to be divisive, the long game goal was exactly the opposite. His manner lacked any grandiosity—in fact, he took no credit.

For him, it was simply his job in this lifetime to do be inflammatory and provocative and he had a general acceptance of his job.
He was very matter-of-fact that this catalytic role was far more important than his need to be seen as a decent man.

Yesterday, seeing the millions of people brought together around the world to voice unity, inclusion, and love I really understood what he’d told me in the dream.

What if Donald Trump has sacrificed his integrity, honor and grace (or the appearance of them) in order to satisfy his destiny and to uplift humanity? That his rhetoric is necessary to 1. illuminate that many of our brothers and sisters are suffering and 2. to inspire us to join together and create a more unified and uplifted world?
While his actions and character may seem deplorable, his ultimate sacrifice sparked a movement desirous of inclusion, harmony and ultimately love.
And the fact that it is likely unconscious, means that he has done all this from a place akin to innocence.

I know it seems far fetched. But today, I woke at 4am genuinely grateful to Donald Trump for being the spark that motivated the largest positive global action (I believe) in history.

Lee,Chang W. – NYTCREDIT: Chang W. Lee/The New York Times