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One of the main mischief makers in life is acting out of integrity.

This causes a big rift between what we value in our hearts and what
is happening in the outside world.

The crazy thing is, that usually when this happens, our minds then
start to search for evidence that we are in the right.

Stay with me here.

I once had a client who I really cared about. She also happened to be
the first client to pay more than I have ever received for coaching.

On top of that she was, what I perceived as, wildly successful. This
intimidated me! And how that played out was that I disappointed her.
I made mistakes because I was so focused on pleasing her, that I got
in the way of actually delivering to her.

Energetically, my fears sabotaged her results. It felt awful. To
relieve myself of the discomfort I did a very human thing; I

I started gathering evidence that she was in the wrong, she wasn’t
coachable, we weren’t a good fit, etc.

What really happened was that I didn’t want to face my own feelings
of inadequacy and ultimately, she ended the business relationship.

Now, I did the best that I could at the time. I had just stretched
big time in my business and was feeling the pinch of that. When she
ended the relationship, I did my best to be accountable and real.

I did so imperfectly, but while I felt badly, I also forgave myself.
That was the big clean up that was mandatory for me to move on.
Eventually, I was able to do so with grace and ease.

I have learned that even when things feel terrible, it doesn’t mean
that we are terrible. We can move through the discomfort of being
imperfect and innocently making mischief until we find the grace of

More and more, I see that the answer to everything is to love oneself.
If I reside in self-love no harm can come to me. All are “allowed”
to be their perfectly imperfect selves because I am at peace with my
own foibles.

What makes this possible is forgiving myself. Then I can feel peace.
When I am at peace, I can stand for what I believe in with neutral
compassion and that creates peace in my world.

What can you do today to create peace in your world?
If you were to step back this moment and look at yourself, would you
see things for which you could forgive yourself? Are you willing to
give it a shot?